Understanding The Whats And Whys Of Jallikattu—Part 1

The Tami Nadu government has passed the bill amending the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act with the support of the Centre to allow the conduct of Jallikattu, a sport  which is considered to be an integral part of the festival of Pongal. At t

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Jallikattu's Importance In Conservation And Culture Needs To Be Acknowledged

As outlined in part 1 of this series, most supporters of jallikattu have not only been peaceful, but have displayed an excellent spirit of solidarity and set an example for any future conflict with the authorities. It is crucial at this point to anal

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Why It’s Crucial To Seek The Centre’s Support For Jallikattu

Chennai’s Marina Beach, which overlooks the Bay of Bengal, had seen a sea of a different temper and composure over the past week. The beach witnessed the footfall of around a million people moving in and out in support of the cause of jallikatt

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