Its Time Modi-Sarkar Realised There's More To Growth Than Development

The Narendra Modi-led BJP Government has been in power for almost 2 years now. The thumping majority they received in the Lok Sabha was testament to the fact that India was ready for a change of epic proportions. Modi stylised his campaign run on the

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Breeding Angry Young Men

“Arguments have a shorter life in this country, and invariably, they are more incendiary than insightful, more spectacular than substantial,” argues Siddharth Singh in his latest article for the Open magazine. Against the backdrop of

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Passing the Buck: The Art of Disguising Misadministration

The Amarnath cave, at an altitude of 12,756 ft in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir houses the holy Shiva Linga, the pilgrimage to which hundreds of thousands of devotees make each year. Legend has it that here is where Lord Shiva explained the

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