August 1: Two Women Face The Same Fate

It's all about women empowerment. What a joke! The 33% reservation for women in the Lok Sabha may not have seen the light of the day yet, but when it comes to victimisation at any level, our mothers and sisters bear the brunt. August 1, 2016 is

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The Empowerment Equation

93 women report a rape every single day in India (National Crime Records Bureau). And this is only the reported number of instances, given the cultural and social taboos regarding rape, many cases go unreported. The fear of violence has shaped the li

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Maneka Gandhi: Maternity Leave Is No Holiday

The Rajya Sabha on 11th August passed the Maternity Benefit Act (Amendment) Bill, which aims to raise maternity leave for women from 12 to 26 weeks in all establishments, including private sector. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, protects the employm

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