The Political Value Of Modi's NYE Speech

The Prime Minister delivered a speech on the last day of the year. The circumstances were unusual (Demonetisation), so the speech had to be oddly timed. Soon after the speech, twitter was bursting with how the next few elections were going to be won

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Modi's E-mail ID For Tip-Offs Is A Path To Hell Paved With Good Intentions

The revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia announced yesterday that an e-mail ID has been created for people to give information on black money to Income Tax officials. The philosophy is simple. Each one of us know atleast one or more people who deposited b

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Demonetisation: Truth Vs Hype [Part I]

This is the first of a two part series on Demonetisation. Many economists and Nobel laureates have propounded their view on the issue, many a times more of a rhetoric than pure reasoning. Reading all those comments, speeches by someone renowned for

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