Smart City Mission

Why We Need To Actively Involve Indian Citizens In Urban Planning

Over the years, governance structures in most Indian cities have followed a simple and traditional top-down approach with little or no room for citizen engagement. People rely on the good intentions of the mayor or the municipal corporation, who they

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Smart Cities: A Long Road Ahead For India

Just in terms of scale, there is no greater a managerial challenge in the world than the impending urbanization crisis that is about to hit India. A mammoth 600 million Indians are expected to live in cities by 2030, accounting for nearly 60 percent

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Breathing 'Soul' Into Smart Cities

In recent times, there's been an evident rise in the number of urban centres. Additionally, urbanization is also seen as a yardstick of development. At this juncture, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development has

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How Naidu Ensured That the Competition to Select Smart Cities Was Fair

A little less than a third of India’s population, now live in urban areas, overcrowded cities and towns with infrastructure bursting at the seams. This gargantuan problem will only worsen with little or no intervention. In this crisis, the Smar

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