Budget 2016

GDP: Growth or Fudge?

Quite clearly the Government is fudging data and lying to the country and the world at large. I have tried to disaggregate the fudging and to explain it to lay readers but equal citizens. The government has now made it known that the GDP has grown f

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Making One Citizen, One Identity, a Reality

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his recent budget speech had assured of providing a statutory backing to the Aadhaar program, that this NDA government plans to use as a means to curtail wasteful expenditure on subsidies and government service delive

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FM says goodbye to EPF Tax

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, finaly succumbed to pressure and on 8th Match, 2016 announced that the government was withdrawing the proposed 60 per cent Employees’ Provident Fund tax. He said: “We propose to withdraw the tax… the

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Smriti Irani Vs. Pallam Raju: A Tale Of Two HRD Ministers

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mallipudi Mangapati Pallam Raju (HRD Minister 2012-2014) on several occasions in the last year. The first time I met him, he politely asked me if I could help him with some research for a 30-minute TV panel discussi

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