FDI In Indian Education Sector

The Government of India ("GOI") has allowed for 100% Foreign Direct Investment ("FDI") in the education sector under the automatic route. Recently, GOI also allowed for 100% FDI in the Construction Development projects which would also include educational institutions. These investments are also carried through the automatic route. However, despite allowing 100% FDI in the education sector, there has hardly been any investment in this sector and the response from foreign i

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FDI In Defence Sector

Since liberalisation of the Indian economy for FDI in 1991, the defence sector was kept out of bounds for foreign investors (even for private sector in India) citing strategic reasons. However, considering the ever increasing demand of Indian forces and resultant outflow of foreign exchange due to imports, the Government of India (“GOI”) opened up this sector in a very limited way in 2001. However, due to the ultra-restrictive stipulations in FDI guidelines for defence, the policy di

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