GDP: Growth or Fudge?

Quite clearly the Government is fudging data and lying to the country and the world at large. I have tried to disaggregate the fudging and to explain it to lay readers but equal citizens. The government has now made it known that the GDP has grown from 7.2% in the December 2015 quarter to 7.9% in the March 2016 quarter. This should be a reason for much celebration, but the popular mood seems unmoved. For the statistical picture presented doesn't seem to dovetail with the ground truth. Lets

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Panama: No questions asked

The ways of India’s rich and famous are increasingly becoming public knowledge. The disclosure that as many as five hundred prominent Indian’s, including Incredible India’s latest brand ambassador - Amitabh Bachchan, owned offshore companies in Panama is just the latest of the unraveling. All one can say is that he is in the good company of the likes of Vladimir Putin, David Cameron and Nawaz Sharif among others. Panama is a small sliver of a country in Central America joining

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Why Mallya is Right in Claiming He Hasn't Fled India

He is right. He did not flee as he was not wanted by the authorities at the moment of departure. On the day he left, he was seen at Central Hall in Parliament talking to his political friends and patrons, including several top opposition leaders and ministers. What were they talking about? Were they seeking tips on the Invitation Cup for champion racehorses? Or about whether he will have accommodations in London for the next Wimbledon? Or whether they can get an autographed copy of his signatur

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