Demonetisation: Truth Vs Hype [Part II]

This is the second of a two part series on Demonetisation. MYTH -3 UNDER PLANNED AND IMPROPER IMPLEMENTATION Everyone has liberty to speak in a free democracy, however if they speak with facts, rather than rhetoric it would sound nice. I have tried substantiate my counter claims on the best available and authenticated numbers. NOTE PRINTING CAPACITY OF RBI:  One of the criticisms widely discussed is that it will take about a year to replenish the demonetized notes, which is totally inc

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Demonetisation: Truth Vs Hype [Part I]

This is the first of a two part series on Demonetisation. Many economists and Nobel laureates have propounded their view on the issue, many a times more of a rhetoric than pure reasoning. Reading all those comments, speeches by someone renowned for his qualification in economics and skills in administration, such as Dr Manmohan Singh, calling the exercise as an organized loot and legalized plunder, make me laugh and wonder whether an economist of his status would stoop down such a level of pol

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