Jallikattu: The Pith and Science Behind Legalities

The mishaps in the recent Jallikattu events come with a fear of the sport being banned again over the poor conduct and not necessarily owing to the essence of the sport. The petitioners who are seeking a ban on the sport remarked, …“A binding judgment [Nagaraja judgment] cannot be rendered ineffective by enactment of legislation that substantially overrules the intended effect of the judgment.”… At this juncture, a reading of the Nagaraja judgment reveals a lot ab

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Why It’s Crucial To Seek The Centre’s Support For Jallikattu

Chennai’s Marina Beach, which overlooks the Bay of Bengal, had seen a sea of a different temper and composure over the past week. The beach witnessed the footfall of around a million people moving in and out in support of the cause of jallikattu, which has evolved to become a movement in support of farmers. Organised groups, quick and sensible communication, stable supplies of food and water, clean surroundings, a platform for the people (farmers, supporters, performers) to express themsel

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