The Less Debated Dimension Of Freedom

Over the past few months, we have been witness to serious political unrest as the ruling dispensation continues to be blamed for curtailing freedom of thought and expression. Needless to say, owing to its potential, the issue was passed through an involute political turf thereby marring the essence of the concepts with the tool of majoritarianism. Be it freedom of speech in the virtual world or in the real world, an immensely pluralistic discourse has ensued. In this process, we have seen vario

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The Menace Of Flesh Trade

A week ago, a panel of the Supreme Court has recommended that police take no criminal action against consenting adult sex workers. It also proposed an elaborate mechanism for providing an alternate livelihood and rehabilitation for sex workers. The panel, headed by advocate Pradip Ghosh, will submit its report in March recommending measures to protect the rights and ensuring better work conditions for sex workers. At this juncture, let us attempt to dwell into the less tapped dimension of women

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