When Democracy Wins, But Your Country Loses

In the last few days, I’ve engaged in several discussions with people across the political spectrum regarding the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Reactions have ranged from victory bellows to meek ‘lets-give-him-a-chance’ suggestions to rage, astonishment and disbelief at his appointment. Without doubt, the most common argument in favour of his appointment refers to the popular support that Yogi Adityanath enjoys (as a 5 time Member of Pa

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Breeding Angry Young Men

“Arguments have a shorter life in this country, and invariably, they are more incendiary than insightful, more spectacular than substantial,” argues Siddharth Singh in his latest article for the Open magazine. Against the backdrop of several conversations that I have witnessed over the last few years on social media, dinner tables, and primetime news television shows, I find this observation to be an accurate summary of most of the arguments presented in these discussions. I ha

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