Budget 2016: The good, bad and the ugly!

The Minister of Twitterati explains:

Confirmed this NDA government is UPA 3.0. #Budget2016— Jacob Joseph (@23jacob) February 29, 2016
Highest ever allocation for NREGA this year at Rs 38,500 cr: @arunjaitley; But allocation for 2009-10 was higher: https://t.co/ohnMylyoub

— Fact Check India (@FactCheckIndia) February 29, 2016

By not focusing the benefits of #UnionBudget2016 on the #suitboot people @arunjaitley has cleverly made the opposition's job a bit tougher.
— Omar Abdullah (@abdullah_omar) February 29, 2016
Mood in North Block is festive with rupee appreciating, say officials, by 23p."The stay with fiscal consolidation targets call is a winner!"

— Puja Mehra (@pujamehra) February 29, 2016

Awesome time to be a taxpayer in India.

Earnings taxed.
Spendings taxed.
Savings taxed.
(via @archersantha)

— Raju (@rajupp) February 29, 2016
This #Budget2016 is all about the CESS...CESS.. CESS ..SSS...sss

— Jacob Joseph (@23jacob) February 29, 2016

I propose a #Budget2016 drinking game: shots for all announcements on state list subjects. #GetDrunkIn5mins
— Pavan Srinath (@zeusisdead) February 29, 2016
BJP is Politically Right, Economically Left, Fundamentally Clueless

— Joy (@Joydas) February 29, 2016

Corporates get no relief, high income taxes more, common man, farmers get more #BudgetTalk https://t.co/YuA20dAhat
— Mohandas Pai (@TVMohandasPai) February 29, 2016
Cess seems to be the new tax tool. Not a good idea in federal polity--cess is not shared with states#Budget2016

— Anil Padmanabhan (@capitalcalculus) February 29, 2016

End of APMC regime and monopoly of the corrupt.#Budget2016 announces Unified agriculture market scheme.

12 states have already nixed APMC.

— Anil Padmanabhan (@capitalcalculus) February 29, 2016
#BudgetTalk @arunjaitley #Budget2016 focus on infrastructure & road development is key to growth. On an avg 1% GDP is lost due to bad roads

— rajashekara maiya (@rajamaiya) February 29, 2016

Allocation of Rs 2.18 lakh crore for roads & highways excellent--includes upgradation of state roads to national highways 3/9
— Minhaz Merchant (@minhazmerchant) February 29, 2016
Infrastructure has got good allocation #BudgetTalk

— Mohandas Pai (@TVMohandasPai) February 29, 2016

Pretty obvious strategy. Middle class sops will come in 2018 budget. Should be enough in view of TINA & short public memory
— IndiaSpeaks (@IndiaSpeaksPR) February 29, 2016
Did the monotonously plummeting exports of the last 2 years merit a mention of concern from @arunjaitley ji?

— SonaliRanade (@sonaliranade) February 29, 2016

#Budget2016 will change the politics of the country--particularly federal polity

now 15% of the budget earmarked forpanchayats @arunjaitley

— Anil Padmanabhan (@capitalcalculus) February 29, 2016
Finally, retro tax not buried. FM again guarantees it won't be imposed--but keeping it on statute books is unconscionable 9/9

— Minhaz Merchant (@minhazmerchant) February 29, 2016

Modi hasn't taken his eye off the Political Power (Retention) Ball. That's the best news. He needs another term & one more to sustain.
— Spirit of Hindutva (@_Mauna_) February 29, 2016
Since when has the Left started worrying about corporate expectations. The ones who wanted stock markets go to hell! https://t.co/D0DlURyqTL

— Rahul Kanwal (@rahulkanwal) February 29, 2016

On reflection, the most successful aspect of Budget is the govt's careful 2-year plan to lower expectations in advance of its presentation
— Mihir Sharma (@mihirssharma) February 29, 2016
Did Umar Khaled steal the "defence spending" portion of the budget?

— Overrated Outcast (@over_rated) February 29, 2016


What we really need today is another gutsy, clear headed,Raghuram Rajan in the MoF.
— SonaliRanade (@sonaliranade) February 29, 2016
Tax reforms have not gone far enough. Tax terrorism remains for past cases #BudgetTalk

— Mohandas Pai (@TVMohandasPai) February 29, 2016

If the Trade Unions are losing their shit over investing EPF money in equity, force the well off employees to equity by taxing the EPF!
— Puram (@puram_politics) February 29, 2016
This is Jaitley's third budget. Whispers in the warren-like corridors of parliament suggest it may be his last

— Minhaz Merchant (@minhazmerchant) February 29, 2016

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